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     The Original Fort Worth Stockyards Ghost Tour


This is a haunting tour of Fort Worth, Texas, also known as "Cowtown" or "Panther City", Noted for it's outstanding scandalous, murderous and strange behavior by a few of their illustrious and nefarious citizens.

The word ghost can mean an apparition seen in one's imagination of a disembodied spirit or soul of a deceased person. Ghosts are often depicted as inhabiting haunted houses, public buildings, even the streets of a city.

This a tour for the curious, the ordinary folk and the skeptics who will visit the streets of Fort Worth and possibility make them a real believer in ghosts.

There are many areas thought to be haunted in Fort Worth that might reveal paranormal activity of ghosts and spirits that roam the streets at night hours.

The tour is lead by a Certified Parapsychologist with over 20 years of investigating the paranormal. Most of the buildings in the Stockyards have been investigated by Paula personally.   

                              Special Event April 10, 2012

  We have go into partnership with the promoters from Haunted House 2 that is being released in theaters this weekend. On this date only, participants will receive promotional items from Haunted House 2 in addition to the regular tour. Space is limited and reservations are required.

Stockyards Ghost Tour

Stockyards Ghost Tours are held Sunday-Thursday, 8:00 PM. Prepaid reservations are required.

Ghost Town Cementery Tours are held on the weekends. Prepaid reservations are required.

Tours are by reservation only. Prepayment is required. Payment is nonrefundable but is transferable. Reservations for the daily tour close at 3:00 PM. A confirmation email will be sent upon payment with time and place of the tour.


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